Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!

Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!


Mo Izarin

I grew up reading a boatload of manga, and drew some Sailor Moon doujin for my high school mates to read.
I always wanna make my own original story manga for the longest time, but never did cos I was too preoccupied with other things in life.

One day, a colleague recommended Bakuman.
After I read all 20 volumes of it, it rekindled the fire that I had in my heart when I was a teenager.

So whenever I have time, I just draw and write what I wish I could find, something I would absolutely enjoy reading myself.
A seinen manga that has all these aspects:
positive values + bishonen + exciting fight scenes + passionate romance + futuristic sci-fi/fantasy world
all served in a pretty platter of full color illustrations.

I'm putting the vertical format of my never been printed graphic novel online, to see if there are anyone out there who'd love to read something like this and follow it till it ends :-)

Update March 2019.

I’ve learned alot after posting on webtoons for over a year. I don’t think free open platform is a proper place to put mature content. Now that I think about it, all the mature content that inspire this comic are published on a paid platform, for a reason. Anything with high production value have cost to produce, and mature content cannot rely on ad revenue cos themes like sex and violence aren’t family friendly for advertisers. So I’m no longer willing to give everything out for free cos it’s not sustainable and there’s always someone complaining with any sexual theme online, so FTS I’m done, sexy scenes move to patreon lol.