MIssion Diversion: action romance graphic novel

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Mission Diversion
graphic novel / webtoon

art and story by mo izarin


Hello Earthlings! :-)

My name is Mo, and I have a passion for creating mature seinen manga that has equal amount of action and romance elements in it.
I'd love to visualize the inspirational values, exciting battle, and heartfelt romance that I cherished from reading those mangas, through my digital graphic novel:
Mission Diversion


06/21/2019 - Taking a break from making comic, will be back in July 2019. The NSFW version of Chapter 61 & 62 is now available for purchase on artstation, as an alternative for patreon

Mission Diversion

Art Blog

A few behind the scenes stuff of how some of these panels came to be from sketch to finish. Starting Feb 2018, I relocated these behind-the-scenes stuffs to patron only posts on my patreon.

Mission Diversion

art and story by Mo Izarin


Story Synopsis

A crashlanded spaceship forces a coldhearted ambitious bounty hunter to walk a journey of a thousand mile with his high-prized bounty, a rebellious hellion princess.
His duty is to keep her safe to collect his reward, but she is bent on destroying him at every chance she gets.

What could possibly go wrong after a series of troublesome fights and sleepless nights in this bizarre alien planet?

R-18+ content with strong language, violence and sexual themes intended for mature readers. It's quite mild to my standard, but it is not intended and not suitable for everyone. The explicit content only on my patreon and some for sale as PDFs on artstation.


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more detailed character's bio coming soon

Where to read

For your best reading experience, I recommend to read Mission Diversion on LINE webtoons comic app, my comic can be found on Discover section, under sci-fi and fantasy genre.

You can read it here on my site as well, but it's more like a blog with more of my commentaries toward the end of each chapter. The navigation is not as comfy as comic app, cos I couldn't figured out how to properly set it up, ARGHH!!! lol

If you know anyone who would enjoy reading Mission Diversion, please share it with them – I'd really appreciate it!

Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!!!

Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!!!

About the creator

A human being who is a Photoshop peon for the commercial art industry.
I grew up reading tons of manga, and still do. Also watching lots of anime that inspire and entertain me.
I always wanted to make my own manga one day, so whenever I have time, I just make what I wish I could find, toss it online, and see how it goes! :-)