10/5/2018 - Back from hiatus and starting a new nsfw tier on patreon. My comic has all these plots and story formalities I’ve got to deal with, so I’m skipping all that and draw the hot fun nsfw stuff on patreon hehehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

9/2/2018 - Going on a hiatus. My fingers are numb from drawing and I've got lots of life obligations to deal with. Patreon is temporarily on pause.

8/5/2018 - First time late posting on my original comic on webtoon. Just had a bad week and the artwork on this chapter is a beast to work on.

8/1/2018 - Entered the webtoon contest with an edited, more polished version of my comic. Low expectation on this sort of thing, popularity contest is not my cup of tea. But I was very surprised by the amazing support from my readers. I also got downvoted alot, ha. Ah humanity is great lol

7/1/2018 - First patreon goal achieved! My wonderful patrons fully sponsored the monthly cost for flatting my comic updates for the month of July and August 2018.

2/16/2018 - Added more designs of the Princess on Redbubble merch store.

2/2/2018 - Comic weekly updates switch to 2x per month after my big buffer completely depleted at the end of January 2018 (∩︵∩)

1/26/2018 - Revamped Patreon page with more proper rewards. I'm going to release all hi-def clean images of some of the best panels (samples here), including uncensored versions via patron exclusive posts. Art process also released on patreon only from now on.

1/12/2018 - Redbubble merchandise store launched!

01/05/2018 - Art Blog updated with Photoshopping breakdown on title art

12/6/2017 - Patreon page launched, my first post as a creator would be the deleted kissing scenes from the prologue.

11/17/2017 - Art Blog updated with behind the scenes on the scifi city set design.

10/5/2017 - Site launched. Cast listed, Art Blog updated: Converting manga diagonal panels to webtoons vertical format.