continue after the last one, spotify play along highly recommended

I had to pull an allnighter to meet my own deadline on Friday, so I'm pretty pooped!
The last time I had to do that was on my twenties and now I'm too old for this fucking shit lol

Anyhow, this chapter shows more of the development between the two MC. North obviously likes her from the physical level, but he doesn't know much about her. He also didn't know what happened to Zander either.

Cora on the other hand, her heart is committed to Zander, but they haven't really seen each other for like 3 years (that's a long ass time lol). And during this cold state, her logical mind doesn't work that well, it's more of the instinct that govern things like *ahem* hormone and such lol. And yeah of course she likes the eye candy LMAO