Bravery is Not Enough

Just as the title says...

My proofreader said that the girl seems to be falling to for North's scheme too quickly, but it's plausible if she is horny LOL. And I'm like, yeah let's just assume she's horny cos I'm tired of drawing this shit LOL.

Anyways, jokes aside, this chapter is more about North's character, and why he is the MC instead of the stereotypical idealistic good hero like Zander. Back when Zander was beaten and electrocuted by North, I thought it was obvious that even though Zander is a good guy, he's uh kinda dumb... But I guess emotional character always appealing to the majority of the readers, not to me tho, eh...

North is more multidimensional, he knows what's right and wrong but he doesn't always follow it, and his mind is more strategic when it comes to facing insurmountable obstacles, which is necessary quality to win against a bigger evil.

In a child friendly stories, it seems like all a hero needs to do is just to be good and brave, and all is well. That's nowhere near the representation of the real world lol, so that's why I don't have stereotypical good hero as the MC in my story.

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