Wake Up!

Yah I know, the warning is still up to cover my ass...

So we finally gonna make a full circle back to the first chapter! YAY! That only took like almost a friggin year!!! Man I'm so relieved lol.

This chapter is a little anticlimactic, since we kinda know what's gonna happen from the prolog. My first proofreader's reaction was like ehh, but my buddy Newt was excited with the violence and he said it's a good thing, cos he's got the same good reaction when he watch violent anime, so it is on the right track.

The original version had the Liam dude licking her thigh, but I decided against it cos it seems a little too much for webtoons. In general, I feel like they're okay with violence, based off one of their featured series Darbi, but I'm guessing they're a little more iffy with sexual theme. So I guess until I find a more suitable platform in the future, the sexual theme is pretty mild to my standard. This is another reason why I have no expectation on that contest, since I highly doubt they'll go with mature content cos it's not 'safe' and family friendly. Oh well, whatever lol I'll submit anyhow since the work already done.