Wrong Spot

The catching Cora arc ends here...

So we finally see the hint of this story looping back toward the first chapter. Altho I'm not sure how many readers remember since it was 8 months ago when I first uploaded the prolog. I honestly cannot believe that it's been that long lol, it felt like only a few months ago.

When I planned the story, I didn't take into account of the two weeks gap between chapters kind of killing the excitements a bit. It took 8 months between the prolog and this chapter cos of the several thousand hours of drawing between then and now (I don't keep track cos it's just too damn depressing if I think about it lol)

But anyways, this comic has a high binge value, cos that's pretty much how I consume all my entertainment these days. And I use storyboarding for animation approach for this comic, so it literally like hitting pause button every 5 minutes on a 2 hours movie, sigh lol.