Continuation from their first meeting on last chapter

Way back in art school, I used to play those FF games to just watch the cinematic. This chapter is somewhat inspired by Tidus watching Yuna dance from Final Fantasy X, mildly adultified with booty shots and alien pheromones lol.

This chapter is the hardest one to create so far, even though it's not the longest contentwise in comparison to previous chapters. Due to the extra details I had to put in the art, to emphasize the effects of her on him.

His dialog is also the hardest to work with, cos he's a badass who got affected by seeing her, so he has to show some vulnerability, yet still not falling apart like a wussy.
Kudos to my beta readers and one other guy, whom real world opinions of what went thru a normal guys mind during encounter such as this, gave me enough materials to work with.

The responses on webtoon has been overwhelmingly positive, which is very cool and encouraging! At this point, I stop paying attention to sub counts and focus more on engagement rate from the true readers who truly cares about the story.