Chain Reaction

The length of this chapter is twice as long as normal, cos it contains backstory that the readers already know but the character doesn’t know yet…
The read should end at the end of the music…

So there has been these incorrect theory about who actually killed North’s dad. I dono why some readers on webtoon just assume that the corporation killed his dad?! Not sure where they got that theory lol, I guess there has been these assumptions that there’s this one evil force where you can blame all problems on, cos it’s just feel so satisfying that way.

In reality, that’s not how it works… Sometime shit happens and some things are just byproduct of one shit that keep piling up into bigger shit. There’s not really one evil force where you can blame everything like in Saturday morning cartoon.

Anyways, in previous chapter Cora said talk is cheap, well… can she live up to her own words or is she full of shit?!

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