Kasei North

This chapter explains a little background about why Agent North is such an asshole to the hellions in the previous chapters. It's not meant to give him a free pass, but it's to explain that there are reasons why people turn out the way they are.

Death of a parent is a pretty traumatizing experience, and in this case, Kasei North is an only child who only have his parents in this dystopian world. So the death of his father, while trying to facilitate peace between the humans and the hellions drove him to the extreme hatred full of vengeance.

This chapter also hinted that he's got a bit of beef with the corporation he works for, which is something that will resurface later in future chapters.

My comic isn't all gloom and doom, cos that would be terrible, even for me who likes dark and gritty entertainment lol. As soon as I finish wrapping up all these beginning stories about the characters, I shall move on to fun girl vs guy battles and the romance will start to unravel as well.

The webtoon recommendation is by my comic buddy who's been giving me very valuable feedback from avid romance readers POV (I read mostly shonen and seinen, not much romance even tho I like romance, I rarely read 'em cos they mostly suck lol)
But hers is pretty good, well written and have long haired hot guy, which is a must have for me to read lol