Your Choice

The battle continues...

From what I've read/seen on battle manga/anime, the fight is more about ideology that each character believes, less about the action itself. Whoever has 'better' point won the battle.
On previous chapter, Zander holds a 'stronger' belief and ideology, that's why he won. While this one, North supposedly has a point, so he won this round.

The webtoon comments have been tilted toward Zander, because right off the bat, he is a perfect stereotypical good guy. From a creator point of view, there is no challenge to create a loveable perfect character. It's alot more of a challenge if you start with a horrible character and try to make him grow and loveable throughout the series.
Besides, I was never interested in stereotypical hero anyway, bad guys always more interesting!

I grew up with martial arts movie, and have a little experience with martial arts as well, so I don't want the battle to be just kameha-meha style, but mixed in with some roundhouse head kick followed by spinning back kick!