The Hunters, The Hellions and the Monsters part 1

World building chapter

This is a world building chapter, explaining the scifi/fantasy world setting. I structured my entire storyline like if it was in moving picture, so I honestly don't know how well these slightly slower beginning part going to do in webtoons. But things definitely will pick up next time!

When I posted last chapter, I thought it was a little weaker in terms of story content in comparison to the previous two, cos I just wanna get the MC's drive all set on that chapter.
I posted, run and hide and didn't check comment until the next day lol, but the comments turns out to be quite exciting!!
The few readers who comment seems to be excited about the MC, which is very important to me :-) Not sure if they still gonna like him after this tho lol, cos he's not exactly a very nice person lol