Hellion Hunter part 2

part 2

Introducing Mr. Sourface :-) This chapter reveals bits about him.
I purposefully added the girl's fawning at the end to tie in with the prologue, since there's going to be alot of action before any romance kicking in. It did cross my mind that it might not work with the super serious mood that establish the whole dying mom thingy, but oh well..

The comments reactions from webtoons were mixed, some did get the romance hints while others did pointed out the 'coldness' of the fawning nurses. But I stand by it, cos it actually fits with the terrible humans in this dystopian comic.

Cool colors (especially blue) are used since his appearance in the intro, to enhance the coldness of his character, while red is used for the princess as a contrast. There will be interplay of colors, as different characters interact with each others throughout the story.